Test of PMA 4002 digital amplifier compared to;  Crest 8001 and QSC PowerLight 4000.

A German audio company (writing for the magazine "Production Partner from time to time) have conducted a comparative test of the new digital power amplifier ; PMA 4002 , 

produced by danish company CAD AUDIO DK.

The test involved listening tests and measurements of  ; CREST 8001 , QSC Powerlight 4.0 and PMA 4002 ,.

The 3 amplifiers were connected to a stack of JBL pro audio speakers each , bass cabinet and top cabinet and connected through an active crossover each.

The 3 stacks all sounded quite well and could give about same output level  (up to 132 dB SPL) but there were differences after all;

The stack driven by the PMA 4002 amplifier sounded like it had more bass , the low end was tighter and more controlled.

Both the Crest 8001 stack and the QSC PL4.0 stack made some audible noise , the PMA 4002 stack did not.

The high frequencies were way better with the PMA 4002 , it was described as "HIFI high frequency sound quality" as compared to "PA high frequency sound" 

from the Crest and the QSC amps.....

At the level where the Crest 8001 and the QSC PL4.0 began to clip the peaks there was no distortion from the PMA 4002 stack and if the level was increased further 

the Crest 8001 and the QSC PL4.0 had annoying overload and distortion (fear for the speakers involved became obvious) , at this level the PMA 4002 simply muted 

for a couple of seconds and came back on , without any pops or click or such. 

(the level for muting and the time constant involved can be changed for bass , full-range etc. and it is very possible that the overall sound level could have been 

higher with a longer time constant , the test version had very short attack time setting for this muting....*1)

Crest 8001 QSC PL4.0 PMA 4002
700W (8 ohms , rms , pink noise) 750W (8 ohms , rms , pink noise) 720W (8 ohms , rms , pink noise)
power supply; traditional power supply; switch mode power supply; switch mode
amplifier; traditional amplifier; traditional amplifier; digital/pwm
size 19"- 3U size 19"- 3U size 19"- 2U
weight 36 kgs weight 14 kgs weight 7.8 kgs
price in EURO 4.280  (retail ex vat) price in  EURO 3.302  (retail ex vat) price in EURO 1.990  (retail ex vat)

(we are delighted over the fine test indeed and look forward to see this and other tests in magazines around.....*1)

*1 comments from producer ; CAD AUDIO DK