Provisional Info Sheet

CAD AUDIO 9022H is a high performance 3-way PA loudspeaker designed to give very high output with linear response.

Featuring high performance B&C drivers, a high power 15" low frequency driver in a horn , a 10" midrange driver in a horn with phaseplug and 2 x 1" drivers/horns for the high frequencies all in rugged compact cabinet.

CAD 9022H is designed for 2 way or 3-way active crossover usage , a processor is optional but not mandatory.
CAD 9022H will meet the high standards expected in todays touring PA business and fixed installations.

CAD 9022H shows linear response from 90 Hz to 18 kHz and effiency of +110 db - 1W - 1m and SPL is an awesome +140 dB rms/ +145dB peak.

The cabinet is produced in 15mm birch plywood heavily braced and cnc machined. An internal steel frame is an integrated part of the cabinet giving enhanced strangth and safe slying. 

The finish is black textures warnex and the front is covered by a 1.6mm steel front grille / acoustic foam combination.

Connectors are recessed 8-pole speakons with testpoints for each driver in the back of the cabinet.


CAD 9022H

Power handling , low , RMS/AES 700 W / 1400W
Sensitivity (1W – 1m), low 110 dB +
Max SPL, low ,  RMS/AES 140 dB / 145 dB
Power handling , mid , RMS/AES 500W / 1000W
Sensitivity (1W – 1m), mid 110 dB +
Max SPL , mid , RMS/AES 140 dB / 145 dB
Power handling , high , RMS /AES 100W / 400W
Sensitivity (1W – 1m), high 110 dB
Max SPL , high , RMS/AES 136 dB / 142 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency range 90 - 18 kHz
Crossover freq. 350/1400 Hz
Dispersion/coverage 90 x 40 deg , 100Hz - 16 kHz
Low freq. Transducer 15" (380mm)
Mid freq. Transducer 10" (260mm)
High freq. Transducer 2 x 1" driver/horn
Cabinet black textured
Height 1050 mm
Width 580 mm
Depth 550 mm
Net weight 46 kg
very high output - linear freq response
very high power handling
lo feedback design - sturdy cabinet
integrated flypoints
internal steelframe
concert sound
live venues
club installations
tour production

Freq response for DE25, sensitivity in CAD9022H is 3 dB higher due to twin drivers.

Freq response for CAD 9022H high mid horn , 1W - 1m

Freq response for CAD 9022H low mid horn , 1W - 1m

Architect/engineering specifications:
The loudspeaker shall be a PA loudspeaker comprising a 15"/380mm bass driver in a horn , a 10" driver in a horn with phaseplug and 2 1 drivers/horns, all in a compact cabinet.
The cabinet shall be made in 15mm birch plywood with extensive bracing. It shall be fitted with 10 recessed handles, optional 2 tracks for flying on the top and 2 tracks for flying in the bottom and and a flying track in the back. It shall be fitted with a recessed connector plate with 2 8-pole speakon connectors + testpoints in the back. An active version CAD 9022HA shall be fitted with digital power amplifiers having a total output of 1500W rms and 3000W AES power.
The cabinet shall have a solid integrated steelframe for secure flying. Finish of the cabinet shall be textured warnex and the front shall be covered with a steel grille and acoustic foam.
The performance (without DSP or other signal processing) shall be; 1200/3000W power handling, 110 dB efficiency for 1W -1m and the response shall be 90-18kHz on axis (+/- 3 dB). Max SPL shall be 140 dB SPL rms or 145 dB SPL AES , Dispersion/coverage angle shall be 90 deg horizontal and 40 deg vertical . Dimensions 1050 x 580 x 550 mm and weight 46 kgs. 
The loudspeaker shall be CAD AUDIO 9022H PA loudspeaker.

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